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Mae Govannen!

I've come out of lurking (Mirking?) to share some newly-found inspiration.
I have recently acquired a copy of Lavold's Viking Knits. I purchased this on purpose to see what I could learn of it, to turn to knitted garments such as  the folk of Rohan might wear. I'm also debating whether to take up the idea of combining naalbinding and knitting in the design of a garment.

Has anyone else seen this book? What are your opinions on it? I have read it through but not yet tried the patterns. Some of the directions, in particular the charts for corner knotwork, I find puzzling. The straightaways seem clear, and the embroidery embellishments for Fafner, the dwarf-turned-dragon, look fairly facile (but then I've always been more comfortable with my embroidery than my knitting).

I did discover that the runes she chose for her pattern set are not the same as Tolkien had purposed for Middle Earth; he used the Anglo-Saxon futhark, which differs slightly.  I'm going to begin work on patterns for letters not covered by those Lavold listed. I will endeavor to share the results of my experiment when I have tested my patterns, whereupon folk here can "proof" them for me.


p.s. Above posted by Ninglorithiel. Forgot to sign. *slaps forehead*
I don't think Tolkein used the Anglo-Saxon futhark. According to the Appendix E, Middle-Earth has its own runic alphabet. Some of his letters look like the futhark, but they mean different things: for example, if you try to translate the inscription in "A Journey in the Dark" using the webpage you mentioned, you get "Ru?ir ?oioiro?" (?s are runes that Tolkein made up), when you should get "Balin Fundinul".

I made one sweater with runes (Tolkein's Angerthas, not futhark) on the back of it. Some pics are here.
That sweater's fantastic.
He used teh futhark for the front matter on The Hobbit. By the time he got to LotR, however, he'd made his own runic system.
I checked Viking Knits out of the library a few months ago. I *loved* the cable work in there, and I too thought of Rohan. I didn't have a chance to really try the patterns - I attempted one, got confused, put it down, and had to return the book, haha.

Beautiful book full of inspiration, though! Definitely try it and see what happens!
I adore that book -- I haven't made any of the specific projects in it, but I've raided the cabling charts to assemble my own items for quite a few things. (It really helped to use the copier function off my printer/scanner to run off copies of each chart I was using, the symbols key from the back of the book, and the pages explaining her special increases and decreases, so I wasn't having to flip back and forth between the pages of the book I needed at any given time.)
Oh, yeah, and in keeping with the idea of making LotR-themed garments, I point out the infamous Rogue sweater, which has been used as the base design for some interesting pieces.
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