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Jan. 20th, 2005



Ernil i Pheriannath

Hallo! I've lurked here for a while, though I've never posted before. I though you might like to see the baby present I made for the first son of one of my fellow elven archers:

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Jan. 19th, 2005



what to dooooooo?

So, I had a big party this weekend with 20 friends and we watched the LotR:EE through. And, as a hostess gift, one of my guests gave me some yarn.

One skein of the yarn is 4oz. of grey wool, 2-ply, spun to a little heavier than a sport weight, although I wouldn't consider it a DK. The kicker is, it's supposedly made from the same batch of fleece from the same sheep which provided the wool for the fabric woven for the Lothlorien cloaks. It's 322yds, and I'm trying to see if I can get more.

Of course, I'm also not sure what to do with it. It's lovely stuff, with gorgeous sheen, and it's light enough for lace. I'm thinking a shawl or wrap....

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Any ideas?


There's more of it, apparently enough for about 3 sweaters. It may not be from the same batch of fleece, but it's definitely from the same flock (which is the only one of its kind extant). If anyone wants the contact info, let me know. $15 a 4oz. skein, + s/h.

Jan. 4th, 2005

vector mouse by LadyLaryssa


(no subject)

Hi everyone :)
About a month ago I knit these Voodoo armwarmers from Knitty (they're really warm and comfy, by the way). On a recent viewing of FotR, I realized that Gandalf the Grey wears similar armwarmers -
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Anyway, I was rather excited to have inadvertently done some LotR knitting, and one of these days I'll learn how to knit with multiple colors and have a go at Pippin's scarf (which was one of the main reasons I learned to knit in the first place) :P

Jan. 3rd, 2005



'Nother iteration of the White Tree

via embroidery

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Dec. 15th, 2004



White Tree in miniature

All I can say is embroider folks.

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Dec. 10th, 2004



White Tree

Oh I so don't have time to work on this right now. But, since I went through the trouble to make a detailed graph (not that much work, actually), I figured I'd share it.

It's too big to post here, I think, so a link instead: here

It's a large graph, and it needs to be resized a bit to fit on 8.5x11 paper. In order to get the level of detail I wanted, I needed to make an extremely large graph. It crosses 108 stitches and 217 rows at a ratio of 20s x 27r for a 4" square.

Actually, when/if I make this, I may scale it even larger for even more fine detail. As it is, this would only really fit on a blanket or a coat unless one was working in thread, and even then it would not be small.

Lastly, I think I'd still do this in duplicate stitch. Intarsia would be a pain, and the color changes are just not frequent enough for fair isle work.

Nov. 22nd, 2004



Late Night Update

My LOTR Knitting has also been on the back burner a bit. I've been working on making Fellowship Bears to donate to a children's shelter in my area. They are just knitted bears dressed (and sized) like those of the fellowship/ LOTR. (I thought bears would be most appropriate considering the influence of Germanic literature on Tolkien's works and the importance of bear shifters in that collection of literature.

Lately, I've been lucky enough to score some scraps from my work (a book conservation lab) and have been making tiny red books to send off with Bilbo Bears and Frodo bears. Also, I've been knitting little cloaks for the fellowship to wear.

Tiny is good for me, since I'm much more likely to knit a cloak for a bear than for myself. But alas, applying to graduate school and finishing this semester has left me little time to work on my Teddybären.



(Insert clever Elvish greeting here)

Hi all. To introduce, I've been knitting for about 15 years, and have gotten rather rabid (well, as rabid as a fundamentally lazy knitter can be) about it. I'm planning on starting up a small web business around it actually. I live in NJ and I'm currently in graduate school.

Anyway, I'm looking for large lace leaf patterns. I've several stitch books, but the patterns are invariably small. I'm looking for something to work some worsted weight green/gold wool/silk crepe into a shawl, and I'm at a bit of a loss. I've tried making my own falling leaf pattern, but every time I try the elements together, I invariably have too many or too few stitches!

So, before I go back to the graph paper and swatches, does anyone have a large leaf pattern that is (or can be modified to be) offset with eyelets? I'm looking for an "all over" pattern or something wide, with single motifs being at least 20st wide.

Incidentally, I've got the 4 Barbara G. Walker stitch books, as well as a few others. The closest I've seen to what I want is actually the Dayflower pattern, which I don't particularly want to try modifying!
new years face


noro lim!

listen up, everyone. i've been a very, very bad mod. i've allowed this journal to go HALF A YEAR without any lotr-knitting content. my only excuse? i moved in june/july, and i've been without broadband (hello dial up, ick) ever since then.

to kick things off, i think i'll update on MY lotr knitting... then hopefully that'll inspire you all to do the same.

i think i may have gotten your hopes up there. there really IS no progress on my lotr knitting. more than anything, i'd love to be able to finish my rogue, start on my ivy leaves felted bag, and start a riding-sweater (as inspired by arwen's riding outfit, of COURSE). however, i'm tweaking out about christmas knitting at the moment, and can NOT allow my mind to dwell elsewhere until i'm at least a little farther along. it seems like as the 'deadline' aproaches, my knitting slows down. some reverse-time-thingy... whatever.

ok, tag, you're it!

(i've added some interests to the info page, and i plan on talking-up the name of this community and doing some promo action in the upcoming weeks. or as long as i remember to do so, at least. i'd appreciate if you member-folk would help with talking it up yourselves, or perhaps suggesting more interests to add? thanks much!)

Jul. 8th, 2004


(no subject)

Firstly, before you pull out your swords, blades of Westernesse, arrows, axes, and horns, I would like to say that I have your lovely mod (feroluce)'s permission to do this.

Hullo, I'm Jackie, and I'm the mod over at hp_knitting. I am so glad to see such an interesting, and daresay, quirky, knitting community here on livejournal. As a loyal Ringer by birth (heh), I have come to extend an exclusive invitation to you, the all-knitting, all-pub-song-singing crap crafters of Livejournal: hp_knitting

hp_knitting is a community for those who have gone above and beyond the call of Harry Potter fandom to knit and crochet their way into the magical world they love. Since Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, while entirely separate works (which, in my opinion, should never be compared), fall into the same genre, I was hoping to have a few of you amazing people join our community.

As a fellow Ring Dork and knitter, and as the mod of a new and relatively small community, I would love to see you over at hp_knitting.

Namarie & <3

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