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Jan. 2nd, 2009

tolkien, knit


Tree of Gondor/Tengwar sweater

Pictures and notesCollapse )

Aug. 1st, 2008



I just joined this community. I'm an avid sock knitter, and will (soon, maybe) be starting the Rivendell sock pattern. Very LOTR-ish. Since my whole family loves LOTR I thought it'd be fun to find more ideas for projects!

Mar. 7th, 2008

landers with horns


Searching for a pattern

I hope someone can help me.
I'm looking for a pattern for a lizard or a dragon. It seems almost impossible to find, but I have faith in my fellow knitters.

Jan. 8th, 2008

Nanny Ogg


Hello from a newbie

Hi there

I have been capable of knitting for many years but only recently decided I actually want to knit! Joined this community as it seemed VERY appropriate given my name :o)

Looking forward to reading all your posts and nosying at everybody's projects - and hope I'm not being too incredibly forward with this post!!



Dec. 21st, 2007



I joined a few days ago, this is the first chance I had to actuly post anything. I am a mom of 2 kids they are 3 and 2. I knit, sew, and tons of other crafty things. I have not got the chance to buy Charmed Knits yet but it is on my book list. I have started knitting back in Febuary and compleated a few projects so far. I plan to have more projects finished by the end of next year. My Goal is to make A druids robe, Sweaters, Cloacks, Socks, and scarves by next december 31st. Currently I am working on a pair of arm warmmers from anti craft.com and a guitar strap with a celtic design. This link will take you to my latest jurnal entry which is an updated list of things I knitted so far this year. I plan to have much more knitted next year. I also forgot to mention I am knitting a Celtic guitar strap for a friend. I also plan to have it padded and lined soon. I am debating about a fun fur edging on it. Well enjoy and I apoligise for the bad pics. I can't wait until tax time to get my digital camera fixed!

Jun. 13th, 2006




Mae Govannen!

I've come out of lurking (Mirking?) to share some newly-found inspiration.
I have recently acquired a copy of Lavold's Viking Knits. I purchased this on purpose to see what I could learn of it, to turn to knitted garments such as  the folk of Rohan might wear. I'm also debating whether to take up the idea of combining naalbinding and knitting in the design of a garment.

Has anyone else seen this book? What are your opinions on it? I have read it through but not yet tried the patterns. Some of the directions, in particular the charts for corner knotwork, I find puzzling. The straightaways seem clear, and the embroidery embellishments for Fafner, the dwarf-turned-dragon, look fairly facile (but then I've always been more comfortable with my embroidery than my knitting).

I did discover that the runes she chose for her pattern set are not the same as Tolkien had purposed for Middle Earth; he used the Anglo-Saxon futhark, which differs slightly.  I'm going to begin work on patterns for letters not covered by those Lavold listed. I will endeavor to share the results of my experiment when I have tested my patterns, whereupon folk here can "proof" them for me.

Jul. 19th, 2005


white tree of gondor?

Hi everyone, long time lurker here :)

I need some help. I had gotten a large white tree of Gondor intarsia pattern from this community, had made it into a scarf with looks fab, but I lost the pattern and it doesn't seem to be here any longer. Does anyone happen to have an extra, or know where I can find another that sssemi resembles it?

I would make it myself but I'm horrible with making intarsia graphs, mine always seem to end up looking wonky -_-

Thanks in advance!


May. 31st, 2005


(no subject)

Hello! I just joined. It's a bit quiet in here, so I thought I'd post something I knit today...

I offer it to you freely...Collapse )
It's a silly present for a friend =)

Apr. 9th, 2005

The King


Nothing's going on...

Really, there isn't.

So, I'd thought I'd post something.

It's not knitting, but still needlework, and I figured that since A. Nothing's been posted in a while, B. Crocheting and Embroidery have been brought up as well, and C. It's LotR related, I'd send it over.

I'm not sure if this page has been posted here before, but it's numerous cross-stich patterns based on LotR. Very interesting just to look at, but I can't imagine the time they might require!
Someone here might try them, though. :)

Jan. 21st, 2005


Rowan Yarn for Pippin's Scarf

Hello all,
Was browsing in Hobbycraft of all places when i came across this Rowan Summer tweed yarn, which, although it wouldn't go into Dog's Tooth would be a fair facsimile of hte scarf.
there are two shades that look appropriate
1.Summer Tweed Exotic 512
this one would probably need ageing somehow though it seems rather bright.
2. Summer Tweed Cape 511

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